Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A kleptocrat's son drowned, mortgage slaves arrested and neo-nazis protected- a weekend in Russia

Over the 21st and 22nd of March 2015 a number of different groups in Russia had things go wrong- 

Former Ukrainian President and Russian stooge Viktor Yanukovich lost a son who drowned in Siberia's lake Baikal. Others around Yanukovich, who fled power after police massacred protesters in February 2014, have since died in mysterious circumstances. Yanukovich is wanted by Interpol, accused by Ukraine of embezzling millions of dollars of public funds.

Protesters, who have faced crippling repayments after having their mortgages in dollars, were arrested in Red Square.

Neo-nazi, fascist, anti-semite, anti-immigrant, Islamophobe, far right ultranationalists were invited to a hotel in St Petersburg by one of Russia's far right political parties. Pro human rights protesters outside were arrested while the radical nationalists inside were protected by militarist Russian cossack troops. The protesters say it is shameful that Russia claim to be the defeater of wartime fascism while supporting fascists. Reports have been growing that this is all part of Kremlin attempt to divide and rule Europe by supporting fringe parties. The Kremlin and its propaganda engines have been like a broken record criticising Ukraine for being a home for a 'fascist junta'. In fact Russia is.

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